Barbara Strozzi and her time

Barbara Strozzi and her time

21.11.2021 Muziek in Jeroen, Noordwijk, h. 15.00

The program focuses on the sacred and secular compositions by Barbara Strozzi, one of the few women composers of the late Renaissance and early baroque period. Professional composers were generally men. Barbara Strozzi was active in Venice, in the circle of Claudio Monteverdi where at the time were the most famous composers in Europe were working. Nevertheless, the music of Barbara Strozzi has its own character, it shows her personality in the strong relationship that she establishes between poetry and music with a intense sense of drama. Because of its vigorous expressivity and theatricality, Strozzi’s music is especially appealing to the modern public as it allows a direct and profoundly emotive listening. The instrumental pieces by Barbara Strozzi build on the relationship between poetry and music. The program features also virtuosistic variations on renown vocal pieces and songs written by composers form the same period. The ability of the ensemble members to perform on different instruments within the same concert provides this program with elements of spectacularity and changes in colors that surely the public will enjoy.

Aldona Bartnik – Sopraan

Florens Ensemble:
Kim Stockx – Dulciaan en blokfluit
Edoardo Valorz – Klavecimbel en orgel

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